We are featured on VOV Online Newspaper, Vietnam

We are featured on VOV Online Newspaper, Vietnam.

“According to Mr. Dwayne Ong, Founder and CEO of Casugol in Singapore, that with traditional education methods, only approximately 60% of the knowledge can be applied to the workplace or relevant to students when pursuing a career. The curriculum of today does not keep up with the reality especially especially in the context of rapid development of science and technology today

Dinh Van Phong, Vice Director of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, agreed and admitted that updating the curriculum based on the current context is a challenge and schools are in desperate need of support from businesses.

“The mission of universities is to provide training, do scientific research, application and technology transfer to meet social needs, and supplying qualified human resources for industrialization, modernizing the country during the period of international integration. The university is also a center of innovation, solving practical problems, bringing values ​​to society. To be able to solve practical problems, it is best to have the sharing from the business, ”Phong said.

Mr. Dwayne Ong said that many companies in the world now have programs to encourage staff to learn and upskill in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), data (data). big data, data science) … Vietnam will lose out if it is not catching up with these trends

“In the Industry 4.0 era, it is not necessary for everyone to be an expert in data or artificial intelligence. However, we must at least have an understanding on these technologies. With the basic knowledge on data, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity, we will have an advantage over our peers,” stressed Dwayne Ong

Mr. Dwayne Ong also shared that some of the key area of weaknesses of Vietnamese students are English and soft skills required to implement their creative ideas.

“English accounts for close to 90% of the information on the internet. By studying English will give Vietnamese students a head start in starting a business or seeking a job. You have an amazing idea, have a passion in technology and by knowing English, you will be able to sell your idea,” advised Mr. Dwayne Ong.

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