[Press Release] Enhancing Digital Literacy in the Philippines

The digital landscape in the Philippines is expected to grow exponentially in the coming months as businesses starts to identify the benefits and impact of digital technologies. To ensure the sustainability of this fast-developing digital economy, the level of digital literacy needs to be increased among businesses and professionals, allowing them to tap on the opportunities and jobs created.

  1. On 29th Jul 2022, the Philippines welcomes its first batch of 15 Certified Digital Transformation Professionals (CDTP) who have successfully completed 3 days of up-tempo and intensive certification course conducted by Philippines Society of Quality (PSQ) in partnership with CASUGOL.
  1. Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) is an international certification program by CASUGOL, an International Certification Body based in Singapore with a presence in 38 countries.
  1. The Certification program is one of the many programs launched in partnership with Philippines Society of Quality (PSQ) in the Philippines and with the aim to help business leaders, and professionals acquire advanced knowledge and skills to kickstart and lead digital transformation initiatives.
  1. Over the course of the 3-days, participants are being engaged in endless thought-provoking discussions based on real case studies led by Dwayne Ong, Founder and CEO of CASUGOL. Participants also learn how to design and apply holistic digital transformation frameworks and digital strategies suitable for all industry verticals based on CASUGOL Method™.
  1. To become a Certified Digital Transformation Professional, all participants are expected to apply their knowledge in-classroom by working on real cases and pass a real-time certification examination.
  1. As of this writing, CASUGOL has certified and educated more than 42,000 learners around the world with participants from Government Agencies, Statutory Boards, Large Conglomerates, Multi-national companies, and Universities.
  1. Together, Philippines Society of Quality (PSQ) and CASUGOL aimed to make high quality education in digital transformation and emerging technologies accessible to everyone in the Philippines, contributing to the nurturing of digital talents and future digital leaders in the Philippines.


“The advancement of Digital Technologies has created lots of opportunities in the Philippines. The sustainability of the digital boom in the Philippines largely depends on the speed in nurturing digital talents and upskilling of its existing workforce. Together with our friends in PSQ, we seek to provide an interactive, supportive, and encouraging learning environment for businesses and professionals to acquire technology knowledge and skills based on the latest industry best practices and trends internationally. It is only through such continuous training we will be able to create a pipeline of digital savvy professionals that can translate digital opportunities to true benefits.”


“I’ve seen the acceleration of the digital transformation initiatives in a lot of organizations even before the global pandemic which means this is part of the priorities of most companies. One of the critical areas that we need to pay attention to is how do we fast track the learning curve and beef up the digital literacy of our people here in the Philippines. PSQ has been existing for more than 5 decades now and it has brought a lot of advancement in the quality practice. With this partnership with CASUGOL, PSQ can open a lot of opportunities and possibilities to professionals and organizations on how we can embed digital and advanced analytics on the way we work, hence speeding up innovation, exceeding the needs the of the current and potential markets, and future proofing its business operations.”


CASUGOL is an international certification body based in Singapore offering a wide range of professional and certification training designed by subject matter / industry experts across the world. Programs are currently offered in 38 Countries and based on the latest and future trend and industry demand. Our participants are largely made up of Government Agencies, Statutory Boards, MNCs and Education Institutes across the region. More than 42,000 professionals internationally have benefitted from the CASUGOL learning system.

Contact Person: Dwayne Ong Tel: +65 6100 1503 Email: dwayne@casugol.com Website: www.casugol.com