Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) for USAA

<p style="font-family: 'Arial'; text-align: center; font-weight: 150; font-size: 16px;">Another successful deployment for Ministry of Finance, Vietnam. Congratulations to all IT Professionals from Ministry of Finance, Vietnam</p><br>

Congratulations to learners from USAA for being awarded a Certificate of Competency and being recognized as a Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) and practitioner of Casugol Method™ for sustainable Digital Transformation.

Over 4 sessions of highly interactive, supportive, and encouraging discussions, learners acquire essential knowledge on the core pillars of technology and how to develop a Digital Transformation Framework using the proven CASUGOL Method™ for Sustainable Digital Transformation. Glad that all have a positive and defining learning experience.

Learn more at http://www.casugol.com/cdtp

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