5G Network Technology

According to Gartner, 5G Network Technology is expected to be the key driver for mobility with 5G infrastructure expected to exceed $4.2 billion.

5G allow companies to opt for lower latency, higher bandwidth alternatives to existing networks by connecting more devices with more capabilities such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and automation.

Mainstream adoption of 5G Network Technology will drive innovation, creating new business opportunities across a wide-range of industries. Consumers acclimating to a new-found transformational leap in mobile connectivity will adopt revolutionary new products, services, and solutions that smartly leverage 5G’s chief benefits, namely low-latency and speed. The development of 5G infrastructure and use-cases will proceed in parallel, and intersect in increasing frequency as the technology matures.

With the rollout of 5G Network Technology, organizations across industries will experience transformations. Taking advantage of this opportunity is contingent upon Communication Service Providers’ willingness and urgency to target the enterprise market. Communication Service Providers and businesses are expected to work together to lead the way in 5G innovation.

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