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Ange Dove

Ange Dove is the owner of several companies aimed at helping entrepreneurs to brand, market and grow their businesses.

She founded Singapore’s first copywriting agency in Singapore in 2003, filling a much-needed niche. When others followed suit, she grew the business into a successful marketing agency whose mission was to elevate the sales and branding of corporate companies in print and online.

Today, with the rise of inbound marketing in the digital space and the soaring need among businesses for online content, Ange’s agency now addresses a growing demand – quality content marketing for small and medium businesses who seek to find and convert leads online and deliver valuable educational content to their target audience.

Ange is passionate about sharing her marketing knowledge with fellow business owners. Author of the book 11 Reasons Why Your Business Is Not Growing, she is currently working on her second marketing book. She is also co-founder of an events company that runs seminars aimed at educating entrepreneurs in Singapore.

Ange is soon to launch an online learning portal, where entrepreneurs around the world can gain access to her marketing courses and her inside secrets to marketing and branding their businesses.