Our Testimonials

We worked hard to provide the most positive and conducive learning experience for all we serve. Feedback received  are cherished and taken seriously to continuously improve our responsiveness to participant needs.

These testimonials represent snapshots of what our participants are saying and we thank everyone for being part of our journey to strive for excellence

Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) is a great course on how to move the organization forward in the Digital Era.”

Mr. Chalat Khetprasert

Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) was informative and valuable.”

Mr. Jad Mishrekey

“I really enjoyed the CASUGOL trainer sharing his experience and the business cases shared during the training.”

Mr. Eddie Ong

CASUGOL training helps me have a better understanding on how data analytics is being used in different areas for every business.”

Ms. Eunice Chua Wee Ting

CASUGOL trainer and training has helped me acquire the knowledge required on Cyber Security.”

Mr. Han Shou Kwang

CASUGOL trainer provides enough information, guidance and resources to help us better understand the subject matter.”

Mr. Zulkifli Osman

CASUGOL training has allowed me to become more knowledgeable in Ethical Hacking.”

Mr. William Chia

CASUGOL training allows me to understand how hacking is being done. It also demonstrates how a wider range of tools that can be used.”

Mr. Muhammad Azhar

“The topics and practical examples are great! CASUGOL trainer highlighted how the technology can be used. CASUGOL training is also delivered in a fun manner.”

Mr. Preeda Payattakool

“The topics in CASUGOL training matches my interest and is relevant to me”

Mr. Thanakorn Thanprasit

“I have a deeper understanding on Machine Learning and how to apply the algorithms in different situations.”

Mr. Thanapop Jinapong

“Participation and interaction were encouraged. We were all given opportunity to share each others real cases.”

Mr. Kim Min Jue

“It was a positive and very good experience attending CASUGOL training. CASUGOL trainer is knowledgeable about the training topics”

Mr. Vutichai Meeprasartsagool

“The content is well designed and the way it was delivered by CASUGOL trainer is captivating. Examples that are practical and relatable are shared through the workshop. ”

Ms. Swati Singh

“I like the interaction and discussion of practical issues with CASUGOL trainer in class”

Mr. Arun C.

CASUGOL training is interesting and enables me to gain knowledge on how to improve in our work performance ”

Mr. Sivasankar Thangamani

“The case study discussion during the course by CASUGOL trainer provides participant with the much required insights on the subject matter.”

Mr. Vernon Tan

CASUGOL trainer provides good and related case studies through out the course.”

Mr. Calvin Siak

CASUGOL training provides good references and connection to the industry. The trainer was knowledgeable about the course delivered.”

Mr. Henry Ong

“The course modules clearly target the organization’s need and the knowledge gained can be used to draw up the deliverable when undergoing digital transformation.”

Ms.  Balvinder Kaur

“The course serves as a refresher for me on the various leadership characteristics and its application. It also allows me to pick-up some new ideas on how the leadership journey can be improved.”

Mr. Tan Teck Khim

CASUGOL trainer is able to deliver the course in a comprehensive and clear manner which makes the course easy to follow.”

Mr. Yong Yaw Leong

CASUGOL training has taught me how to become not just a manager but a leader. I also like the different theories and methods to manage change.”

Mr. David Tan

CASUGOL training is extremely well delivered and the course material provided are clear and well-designed”

Mr. Gunalan Palaniandy

“I like the hands on practical sessions during throughout the course. CASUGOL trainers are knowledgeable about the subject and topics”

Prof. Reginamary Matthews

CASUGOL trainer provides clear explanation and demonstrates many applicable examples on how the technology can be applied outside the class.”

Mr. Wong You Wei

CASUGOL courses are well-designed and easy to comprehend even for someone who lacks any experience.”

Mr. Amiru Asyraf Bin Md Nourpi

“The hands-on exercises demonstrate how the technology based on real-time example. CASUGOL trainers are also very knowledgeable.”

Ms. Sarojini Devi Nagappan

CASUGOL courses are very well designed and detailed to the point. Class is also conducted at the right pace making it easy for participants to understand.”

Ms. Jasmine Chen

CASUGOL provide participants with many useful hands-on practical sessions that demonstrate how the technology is being applied by simulating real-life scenarios.”

Mr. Chan Pak Loong

CASUGOL training provide participants with lots of real-time hands-on activities. Participants also received personal coaching in class by CASUGOL trainers with lots of experience.”

Ms. Savita K. Sugathan

“I learnt a lot about technology from the opportunity work on the devices and all the hands-on sessions which is part of the course.”

Ms. Lee Chen

“The knowledge acquired from CASUGOL program has allowed me to gain a deep understanding on the technology and will come handy when there is a requirement to kickstart future projects.”

Mr. Syed Othman Abd Rahman

“The hands-on exercises which is part of CASUGOL course syllabus are clearly explained, demonstrated and implemented in class with the guidance of experienced CASUGOL trainers.”

Mr. Andrew Lim