Advice for Someone Going into A Leadership Position for the First Time

profile-pic Dr. Michelle Goh graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2009 and started her early career working in the Singapore public government hospital sector as a Doctor. In November 2011, she partnered her father, Dr Goh Seng Heng (a trained Dermatologist and Aesthetic doctor) and started PPP Laser Clinics. More

What advice would you give to someone going into a leadership position for the first-time?

It can sound insane but I would say be open to receiving as much criticism as you can. That requires active listening, without interrupting or interjecting while the other party is venting, and that’s really hard. I learnt to build up this armour when it came to receiving criticism from my customers, employees and even friends. Listen doesn’t mean that I would always agree. After you listen, filter and discern.

How do you ensure you continue to grow as a leader?

Continue to learn and be curious about the world. I think that is one thing that defines me. As a kid, I was extremely curious about everyone and everything and would spend copious amounts of my time reading, meeting and interacting with new people.

Continuous learning is pretty important for me because it helps me learn more about stuff that I think I know that I actually don’t. Staying hungry and curious whether you want to be a leader or not, is also extremely important.