About Alan Cheah




Alan Cheah

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • GoCar Mobility

Currently the Chief Operating Officer at GoCar Mobility, the fastest growing legal car-sharing platform in Malaysia – recently acquired by Mayflower Car Rental, a subsidiary of Tan Chong Group. Now located in 40+ locations with 70+ GoCars on the road spread across Klang Valley and Langkawi. Am responsible for growth, expansion, marketing, operations, partnerships, business development, and stakeholder management.

Prior to GoCar, was the Marketing Director at MaGIC. Primarily responsible for leading and strategising the digital roadmap to create regional awareness and engagement for MaGIC’s brands, programs, and projects across the ASEAN region. Was also the lead digital strategist for MaGIC Accelerator Program Cohort 1, MaGIC Academy MA2014 & MA2015, and e@Stanford Programs – a partnership with the University of Stanford.

Apart from work, am frequently sharing thoughts and giving talks / lectures on personal growth, GoCar key takeaways, insights on marketing, entrepreneurship and team culture.