Become a Reseller

Interested in what CASUGOL has to offer and excited by products and services? Become a Reseller today and be part of our journey to make education, knowledge and resources accessible to everyone.

At CASUGOL we work with an extensive network of Resellers worldwide with a track record in the education, technology and consulting space. As a reseller, you an extension to our Global team, and always standby to support and ensure your success

By becoming a reseller, you will have access to our wide range of certification programs, executive workshops, exciting new products and marketing promotions, and access to a team of highly skilled education coordinator.

If you see value in becoming a reseller, send us an email:

  • Continually Innovate and Based on Industry Best Practices and Trends
  • Keeps a Competitive Edge
  • Provide Full Sales Collateral, Pricing and Training
  • Provide Competitive Margins to Resellers
  • Full Administrative / Operational Support for Prospects and Customers
  • Provide Leads for Local Territories as Appropriate
  • Maintains an Ethical and Moral Approach to Business
What a Reseller Does
  • Become an Authorized Representative of CASUGOL brand
  • Resells CASUGOL Certification Programs and Executive Workshops
  • Support Participants in their Enrolment
  • Register Opportunities and Forecasting
  • Maintains an Ethical and Moral Approach to Business

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