Characteristics of a Great Leader

profile-pic Dr. Michelle Goh graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2009 and started her early career working in the Singapore public government hospital sector as a Doctor. In November 2011, she partnered her father, Dr Goh Seng Heng (a trained Dermatologist and Aesthetic doctor) and started PPP Laser Clinics. More

What are some characteristics that you believe every great leader should possess?

I’ve learnt that leadership has a lot to do with one’s personality rather than intelligence. The most powerful form of leadership is servant leadership. It starts with a view of serving others over yourself. I’ve read this in some books before and from hindsight that it’s the most inspiring and impactful kind of management.

In order to cultivate a mindset of servant leadership, you need to have traits like empathy, courage and humility. Empathy allows you to understand who you are serving better. Courage helps you to make hard choices that pay off in the long term. Humility helps you develop a sense of perspective from many different angles and believe it or not, an intelligent sense of humour!

Lots of my friends think that its necessary to have a high IQ to be a good leader, but I feel that intellect is a bonus. Without empathy, humility and courage, the pursuit of intellect can feel empty and meaningless (my personal opinion).