Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE) Using ChatGPT x Python

Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE) Using ChatGPT x Python

Machine Learning is revolutionizing the world by allowing computers to learn as they progress forward with large data sets, overwriting overcoming all programming pitfalls and impasses. Machine Learning builds algorithms, which when exposed to high volumes of data, can self-teach and evolve.

When this technology powers Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, the combination can be powerful. Smart robots can already be found around us doing all our jobs with more speed and accuracy, and continuously improving themselves at every step.

Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE) using ChatGPT x Python


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  • Duration: 4 Day / 32 Hours

  • Certification: Participants will receive a Certificate of Competency upon successfully completing the course and passing the examination

  • Who Should Attend: Data Analyst, Finance Analyst, HR Analyst, System Analyst, IT Professionals, Software Engineer, CIO, or Anyone who are interested in pursuing a career in the areas of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Course Objective

Acquire advanced knowledge on how to use ChatGPT x Python Programming to apply powerful Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques to gain real-world insight.

Learn how to apply Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques to analyze and organize patterns, trends, and data to make accurate real-world predictions.


No pre-requisite. Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE) is suitable for everyone.


Participants are required to attempt an examination upon completion of the course. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based on the syllabus covered

Participants are expected to score a minimum of 70% to pass the examination

Course Outline

Module 1
Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two closely related fields of computer science that focus on creating intelligent machines and developing algorithms that can learn from data and make predictions or decisions.

Topics Covered

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Concepts of machine learning
  • Data and machine learning
  • Real world applications of machine learning
  • How machine learning works
  • ChatGPT and the Future of Machine Learning

Module 2
Data Structures & Managing Data Using Python

Python provides a rich set of data structures and libraries for managing and processing data. This makes it a popular choice for data science and machine learning applications. In this module, participants will gain first hand experience on the essential components required for any machine learning application.

Topics Covered

  • Data and Data Types
  • Deep Dive into Python
  • Data Types
  • Variable Operators in Python
  • Data Vectors and Data Frames
  • Reading and Writing Data Files to Python
  • Communicating with Database via Python
  • Executing SQL Using Python
  • Joining Structured & Semi Structured Data with Python
  • Big Data Concepts & Application of Python

Module 3
Exploring Data Using Python

One of the most commonly used libraries for data exploration is Pandas, which provides a high-performance data manipulation and analysis toolset. Pandas allows for easy data cleaning, merging, filtering, and grouping, and provides tools for creating visualizations such as histograms, scatterplots, and heatmaps.

Topics Covered

  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Trend Chart
  • Histogram
  • Box Plot
  • Scattered Plot & Correlation
  • Other Chart

Module 4
Basic Classification Models & Techniques

Python is a powerful tool for implementing basic classification models and techniques, and with the help of ChatGPT, users can get personalized guidance and support in their machine learning journey.

Topics Covered

  • Concept of Classification
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Classification
  • Decision Tree Classification
  • Deploying Classification Using ChatGPT x Python
  • Random Forest Classification
  • Naive Bayes Classification
  • Support Vector Machine

Module 5
Regression Methods and Forecasting

Scikit-learn is a popular library for regression analysis in Python, providing algorithms such as linear regression, logistic regression, and support vector regression. Together with ChatGPT, users can identify insights and best practices on data preparation, feature engineering, and performance evaluation, enabling users to build accurate and effective regression and forecasting models.

Topics Covered

  • Concept of Regression Modelling
  • Modelling Stages
  • Simple linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Deploying Regression Models Using ChatGPT x Python
  • Refining the Model
  • Model Validation and Prediction
  • Logistic Regression

Module 6
Finding Data Patterns Using Association Rules

Association rule mining is a popular technique for discovering patterns and relationships in large datasets. Python provides several libraries for implementing association rule mining.

Topics Covered

  • Concepts of Association Rules
  • Market Basket Analysis (MBA)
  • Support, Confidence & Lift
  • Other Techniques of Association
  • Application of Association

Module 7
K-Means Clustering

K-Means clustering is a widely used technique in machine learning for grouping data into clusters based on similarity. In this module, participants will learn how to use Python and Chatgpt to receive personalized guidance on selecting the appropriate clustering algorithms and libraries for their specific tasks, and learn how to fine-tune the hyperparameters of the algorithms for optimal performance.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Unsupervised Learning Models
  • Deploying Clustering Models using ChatGPT x Python Programming
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • K-Means Clustering

Module 8
Evaluating and Improving Model Performance

Acquire knowledge on how to use Python and its libraries to Evaluate and improve model performance is a critical step in machine learning, as it helps to ensure that models are accurate and effective.

Topics Covered

  • Model Evaluation and Comparison
  • Parameters to Evaluate the Model Accuracy
  • Selection of Right Parameters for a Model

Module 9
Evaluating and Improving Model Performance

Deep learning has revolutionized the field of machine learning, enabling the development of highly accurate and complex models that can learn from large amounts of data.ChatGPT can also provide insights and best practices on data preparation, feature engineering, and evaluation metrics, enabling users to build accurate and effective deep learning models.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding Learning Representation of Data
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  • How Deep Learning Works
  • Deep Learning and Its Application
  • Future of Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning in the world of ChatGPT

Certified Machine Learning Expert (CMLE) involves rigorous usage of real-time case studies, hands-on exercises and group discussion

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What You Can Expect

Technology-Based Training

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80% Hands-On Exercises / 20% Theory

Designed by Industry Leaders and Subject-Matter Experts

Progressive Learning

Highly interactive, supportive and encouraging

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What Learners Say

Salvador Roel Rubi
Salvador Roel Rubi
Sharon Tomo-Bustamante
Sharon Tomo-Bustamante
This is my second time to attend a training by Casugol and both times I was able to get something from it which can be applied to my current occupation. Dwayne is very patient and attends to your question, which is a good quality of how a trainer should be. Also, even at the last minute request, he extended to give way to our company's townhall.. you ought to try them!
Shiella Marie Matuguina
Shiella Marie Matuguina
Awesome to Learn, Thanks Sir Dwayne.
Cliff Balayan
Cliff Balayan
Good beginner class to learn the foundation of the Data Analytics!
Friendly trainer. Always stopping to ask if we have any questions and asking us questions to make the lesson interactive.
Mindy Tan
Mindy Tan
Superb training experience!
Lilian Tan
Lilian Tan
Elaine Chan Wai Kuen
Elaine Chan Wai Kuen
Nazrul Azmi
Nazrul Azmi
Syamil Ani
Syamil Ani
Very in depth seminar conducted by Mr Dwayne Ong on CDTP course. We appreciate your time and support for the past 2 days on the course. Mr Dwayne was very knowledgeable and offered very valuable information. Great tools to apply for organizations moving towards Digitalizations
Bahagian Pengambilan Pelajar IPT
Bahagian Pengambilan Pelajar IPT
Very informative class. Participants able to learn latest trend in digital trend
Iman Cipta
Iman Cipta
It was an amazing experience. A very interesting learning experience outside my expertise
hamizan malek
hamizan malek
Nice experience on this training. Thank you.
MengKeong San
MengKeong San
Machine learning is very interesting
Esther Sihuraa
Esther Sihuraa
Emanuel Antonius
Emanuel Antonius
Learn enjoy with CASUGOL😁
Afri Official
Afri Official
Very nice
Khevind Adrian
Khevind Adrian
ferdy santoni
ferdy santoni
Jonatan Abednego
Jonatan Abednego
Adi Gunawan Lase
Adi Gunawan Lase

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