Career Planning and Goal Setting (CPT110)

Career Planning and Goal Setting – CPT110

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Learning Objective

  • Enable the participants to set realistic and achievable career goals.
  • Direct participants in setting up action plans to achieve their career objectives.
  • Have participants assess their careers to date by identifying their preferences, skills, aptitudes, interests, abilities and traits.
Course Duration
8 hours / 1-Day
Target Audience
Anyone wishing to establish and set career goals
Course Outline
  • Self-assessment - fitting work skills to work preferences
  • Patterns and trends in each participant’s education, training and employment history
  • Aptitudes, interests and preferences
  • Current and ideal balance among work, family, social, recreational and intellectual activities - quality of life
  • Aspects of their training and employment that are sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Limits on their career progress arising from lack of training, skills and experience
  • Characteristics of their ideal jobs (Roles)
  • Review of current availability and trends for jobs by occupational groups:
  • Review trends in availability of work through counselling, placement and recruiting firms
  • Review of institutions providing training, their course offerings, fees and entrance requirements
  • Examine the merits and limitations of full time, part time and casual training
  • Examine the process of registration for training
  • Mentoring - how one finds and develops a mentoring relationship
  • Distinguish among and understand the interdependence of long and short term career goals; financial and income security goals; training and development goals; and quality of life
  • Prepare an action plan consistent with one’s needs and constraints
  • Identify specific objectives and time frames; commit one’s self to implement the plan
  •  Manage implementation of the plan  Review and evaluate results
    Supplement Material
    A student manual is available for the learner to follow during the instructor’s presentation.
    Benefits to the participants
    Throughout the activities, the learners will be able to examine their current situation and apply new practices to establish and set career goals.
    Course Evaluation
    A course evaluation will be completed by the learners once the course is finished.

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