Assertive Approach to Managing Conflict (LMF102)

Assertive Approach to Managing Conflict (LMF102)

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Learning Objective

Participants gain insight into their responses and behaviours, and learn methods to express appropriately thoughts, feelings and needs. Responsiveness to others is a key concept, while incorporating skills in approachability and active listening, to more from “win-lose” or “lose-lose” to “win-win.” Participants will learn enhanced teamwork, reduced need to complain, manipulate and backstab, reduced conflict, self-awareness of behavioural /communications styles.

Course Duration
2 Days
Target Audience
Course Outline
This active, highly participatory program addresses the following through structured exercises, group discussion and positive feedback
  • Passive, aggressive and assertive communication
  • “Approach” skills
  • Non-verbal communication, personal boundaries
  • Expressing anger appropriately
  • Limit setting
  • Coping with criticism
  • Making requests of others
  • Listening skills and validating
  • Conflict problem-solving
  • Negotiating scripts
  • Supplement Material
    A student manual is available for the learner to follow during the instructor’s presentation.
    Benefits to the participants
    Throughout the activities, the learners will learn the importance to manage conflict whether at work or in other environments.
    Course Evaluation
    A course evaluation will be completed by the learners once the course is finished.

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