Machine Learning BootCamp

Machine Learning is revolutionizing the world by allowing computers to learn as they progress forward with large datasets, overwriting overcoming all programming pitfalls and impasses. Machine Learning builds algorithms, which when exposed to high volumes of data, can self-teach and evolve. When this technology powers Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, the combination can be powerful. Smart robots can already be found around us doing all our jobs with more speed and accuracy, and continuously improving themselves at every step.


To acquire the knowledge and develop a robust set of Machine Learning skills required for designing and implementation.

logocgreenfb Machine Learning Bootcamp
20 July 2017
Singapore, Singapore
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  • Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms
    • What is Machine Learning?
    • Why is Machine Learning Important?
    • How does Machine Learning help business?
  • Types of Machine Learning Techniques
    • Regression Method
    • Demonstration on the application of regression methods (case study)
    • Hands on practice Example on the Application of Regression Method
  • Types of Machine Learning Techniques
    • Logistic Regression
    • Demonstration on the application of the logistic regression (case study)
  • Hands-on Practical Example on the Application of the Logistic Regression
  • Group Discussion
  • Summary & Wrap-up
  • Python

This course is designed to assist those people interested in the areas of Machine Learning. The Machine Learning BootCamp is intended to equip you with a set of skills that you can draw on to implement the technology in your organisation.

Class is limited to 20 attendees as hands-on sessions and real-time demonstration is expected.


On completion of this Machine Learning BootCamp, attendees will have a robust set of Machine Learning skills that can be applied to any work setting.

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