Cyber Security Overview (CSO)

Attacks and malware are emerging rapidly on a day-to-day basis causing individuals and businesses to serious damages losing time, money, market and social value. The situation is made worst with Cyber Criminals / Attackers using real time and updated technologies, hacking software, and tools to execute the attack. In Cyber Security Overview (CSO), participants will gain precious insights on how to take preventive actions to stop these attacks by acquiring knowledge on the different methodologies of attack.

Course Information

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Who Should Attend: Business Leaders, Managers, Senior Executives, Supervisors, and Anyone who are keen to acquiring the skills required to lead and safeguard their organization and personal identity

Course Objective

Cyber Security Overview (CSO) is a 4-Hour Executive Workshop designed anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge in Cyber Security and how to strategically lead an organization by acquiring essential knowledge on how to safeguard their organization from cyber criminals and attackers.


Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing and fulfilling all course requirements course

Module 1 Introduction to Cyber Security

  • A Brief Overview on Cyber Security
  • Impact of Cyber Security on Modern Organization
  • Case Studies and Discussion Based on Recent Attacks

Module 2 Who Are the Attackers?

  • Identify the Different Type of Attackers
  • Identifying the Most Common Types of Attack
  • How Hacking is Executed and the Preventive Steps

Module 3 Essential Steps to Protecting Yourself

  • Safeguarding Your Digital Identity
  • Securing Your Email and Social Media
  • Protecting Your Laptop / Desktops / Mobile Devices
  • Encrypting Your Data and Hide Them from Attackers

Module 4 Strategies to Executing Cyber Security

  • What Cyber Security Means to You and Your Organization?
  • Building a Cyber Security Strategy
  • From Blueprint to Action Items
  • What’s Next?