Executive Workshops in Singapore

CASUGOL EXECUTIVE WORKSHOPSlisted in this page are open for everyone. These programs are designed to bring you the most up-to-date thinking on a wide range of subjects, and are taught by subject matter experts who are noted authorities in their field of expertise.

Daily itinerary usually runs between 9:30am to 5:30pm with light refreshments including coffee, tea and snacks being provided during break time. Delegates from overseas may contact us at hello@casugol.com should you need any assistance in accommodation

Upcoming Events

Leadership / Management Essentials (LME) is a 1-Day course designed to for middle managers, senior managers, and anyone who aspire to further their knowledge and develop their approach to leadership and shape their business management skills. Leadership / Management Essentials (LME) will provide all participants with in-depth knowledge on leadership theories, styles, and how to leverage on data to enhance their leadership competency to lead a team and business to success
Business Analytics Fundamentals (BAF) is a 1-Day workshop designed to introduce the fundamentals of business analytics and a wide array of analytical technique that will enhance your business decision making. By understanding the fundamental techniques and methodologies, participants will be able to make better decisions, in a disciplined and quantitative manner.
Make an extra effort to leave a positive impression when engaging with prospect even when you are not getting the contract or job. Explore the reasons that are holding back your prospects, make a deliberate effort to understand their concerns and accept them with grace. The decision you make to treat your customers with class and exceed their expectation will be the key factor to building a loyal customer base to drive growth and overcome adversity on the long run.
To hack into a wireless network, all you need is an online service, and basic understanding on how to send and read email. Wireless devices provide hackers with easy access to corporate networks, presenting security challenges. The constantly evolving standards and practices has also made it a priority for organizations to understand the strengths and limitations of available technologies in order to implement a secure solution. It is paramount for organizations to begin understanding the security features of both wireless devices and wireless networks