Future Tech: Beyond 2020

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Future Tech: Beyond 2020 is a platform for members of the academia, scholars, researchers, and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices.

The agenda features presentation by leading members of the academia, researchers, and practitioners addressing such critical issues and future trends in the field of Digital Transformation, Computer Science & Computer Science.

Future Tech: Beyond 2020 is hosted and funded by CASUGOL. In the spirit of knowledge sharing and making education / knowledge accessible, Future Tech: Beyond 2020 is FREE for Academia, scholars, researchers, and practitioners around the world. Trust that all will have a positive and defining experience.

Dr. Chen Shiping
Dr. Shiping Chen
Principal Research Scientist
Conjoint A/Professor
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Prof. Hassan
Prof. Hassan Ugail
Director of Centre for Visual Computing
University of Bradford
Prof. David Soldani
Prof. David Soldani
Chief Technology and Cyber Security
Huawei Technologies, Australia
Adj. Professor at Faculty of Engineering
University of New South Wales
Prof. San Murugesan
Prof. San Murugesan
BRITE Professional Services
Adj. Professor
Western Sydney University
Prof. Giuseppe
Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella
Professor of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Author / Digital Transformation Consultant
Atlantis University
Prof. Peter O'Connor
Prof. Peter O’Connor
Professor of Strategic Management
University of South Australia (UNISA)
Rachel Ooi
Rachel Ooi
Managing Director
Accenture Industry X.0
Allyn J Radford
Allyn J Radford
CEO and Founder, C2People
Principal Consultant, Transforming Credentials
Shreyansh Daftry
Shreyansh Daftry
Research Scientist
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


  • Australia’s Approach to Blockchain R&D
    Dr. Chen Shiping (Keynote Speaker) University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence – Challenges and Frontiers
    Prof. Hassan Ugail (Keynote Speaker) University of Bradford
  • Advances in 5G Evolution and Cyber Security
    Prof. David Soldani (Keynote Speaker) Huawei Technologies, Australia
  • Autonomous System: An Emerging Exponential Technology that Matter
    Prof. San Murugesan (Keynote Speaker) BRITE Professional Services, Australia
  • Assess Your Digital Transformation Capability with an AI Maturity Model
    Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella (Keynote Speaker) Atlantis University, Miami, USA
  • Digital Transformation and Travel; from Pipelines to Platforms
    Prof. Peter O’Connor (Keynote Speaker) University of South Australia (UniSA)
  • The Digital Explosion and Acceleration of Industry X.0 Post Pandemic
    Rachel Ooi (Keynote Speaker) Accenture Industry X.0
  • Supporting Credentialing and Pathways: the Future of Employability and Work
    Allyn J Radford (Keynote Speaker) Transforming Credentials
  • Intelligent Robotics for Planetary Space Exploration
    Shreyansh Daftry (Keynote Speaker) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


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