Funding Support

At CASUGOL, we are committed in making education, knowledge and education accessible to everyone. In line this commitment, we offer a variety of funding options to support your learning journey.

Learners Fund

Learners Fund offers funding of up to 90% of course fees or event fees to individuals attending CASUGOL Certification Programs, Executives Workshop and Paid Event

  • Learners Fund is fully-supported by CASUGOL
  • Percentage of funding varies from courses / workshops / events
  • Percentage of funding varies from location due to our commitment to localize our program fees

Our education consultants will be able to help you determine the amount of funding eligible.

Other Funding Options
HRDF Funding
Malaysian Only

CASUGOL programs are eligible for HRDF Funding in Malaysia through our strategic partners in Malaysia. Let us know your funding requirements and our strategic partners will be delighted to advise on the various funding options available.

Localized Price Plan

In line with our commitment to make education, knowledge and resources accessible to everyone, CASUGOL programs are offered through our international Certified Training Partners (CTP) at a localized fees. Share with us your location and our local partners will be glad to serve you.

Academic Funding

Through our Academic Partnership (AP) with Education Institutions, Universities, and Colleges around the world, we are committed to the nurturing future-ready leaders by welcoming Students and Members of the Academia to continuously upgrade based on the latest industry trends and best practices.

Our Partners / Contributors

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