Little Artist Fun Club (LAFC)

Encourage your kid to try new things by joining Little Artist Fun Club (LAFC) today and watch them grow and mature.

LITTLE ARTIST FUN CLUB (LAFC) is a 16-Weeks program designed to help kids develop their motor skills by using various instruments in class. By completing the tasks assigned to them and being given the opportunity to express themselves, kids will develop a healthy self-esteem that is necessary in everyday life. Kids will also learn how to think out of the box and by developing their creative problem solving skills. Little Artist Fun Club (LAFC) exposes your kid to a hobby or after school activity that pushes your kid out of the comfort zone.

Course Information

  • Certification: Children will receive a Casugol Kids+ Certificate upon completion
  • Age: Suitable for 5 to 9 Years Old

Why Attend Little Artist Fun Club (LAFC)

  • Development of Motor Skills
  • Enhance Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Develop Problem Solving Ability
  • Improves Academic Performance

LADC Drawing and Colouring Techniques (8 Lessons)

Kids will learn some basic colored pencil technique to create fabulous colored pencil art. Upon mastering the coloring and drawing techniques, Kids can use these techniques alone or in various combinations to create amazing effects.

LACM Creative Molding (8 Lessons)

Creative Molding will teach kids how to create different models of their favourite animals, food and things. Kids will be able to explore the different shapes, and let their imagination come to life.

LAFO Fun with Origami (8 Lessons)

Let your kid show off their nifty handiwork at this origami workshop. Kids will learn how to fold accessories, flower motifs, and let their creativity juice run wild by using colorful origami paper.

LACP Creative Paperworks (8 Lessons)

Learn a skill and have fun. Let your creativity flow by making beautiful objects from pieces of paper. Learn basic techniques of scrapbooking using paper of your kid’s choice, accompanied by letterings, photos and embellishments.

LAEW Exploring Watercolour (8 Lessons)

Learn the process of painting in watercolor in this fun-filled course. Kids will learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting such as layering, blending, washing, dry-brushing, and many more.

LADIY Do-It-Yourself (8 Lessons)

Unleash your kids creativity building things using recycled materials which are eco friendly, and super easy to build. Let your kids imagination come to life. Guarantee that your kids will have lots of fun.