Little Computer Expert Workshop (LCEW)

Come and have fun and challenge your kids to develop their computer skills. Let their imagination run free as they work on their very own projects and explore how technology has come into play in their day to day life.

LITTLE COMPUTER EXPERT WORKSHOP (LCEW) is a 16-Weeks program designed to help kids develop their problem solving ability, enhance their creativity, improve and speed up their learning and build confidence and storytelling skills. Through many interactive activities, kids involves themselves and discover the importance of technology. Critical thinking skills are being developed by teaching kids the basic computer skills. Kids will also acquire knowledge on how to solve problems by looking a the bigger picture, and then develop ways of how to break them down into smaller and manageable tasks.

Course Information

  • Certification: Children will receive a Casugol Kids+ Certificate upon completion
  • Age: Suitable for 5 to 9 Years Old
  • Why Attend Little Computer Expert (LCEW)

    • Improve and Faster Learning for Children
    • Enhance Creativity and Critical Thinking
    • Develop Problem Solving Ability
    • Build Confidence and Storytelling Skills

    LEVEL 1 Introduction to Computing (8 Lessons / 8 Weeks)

    Students will be introduced to the foundation of computing, learn about the various components of computer and how to work on simple projects through interactive projects and discussions

    LEVEL 2 Basic Computing Skills (8 Lessons / 8 Weeks)

    In this level, students will start using Microsoft Office Programs and work on projects. Students will acquire knowledge on typing, basic functions and features of Microsoft Office Programs. Basic internet will also be introduced.

    LEVEL 3 Essential Computing Skills (8 Lessons / 8 Weeks)

    Advanced features of Microsoft Office Programs will learnt by students in Level 3. Students will acquire skills on how to create their own presentation, search for resources on the internet, download and edit photos and videos

    LEVEL 4 Advanced Computing Skills (8 Lessons / 8 Weeks)

    Students will have the opportunity to learn how to create and build their own robots. Through basic programming, students will be able to use computer to control and give instructions to their robots. Logical thinking and critical thinking skills will be developed.