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Nancy Margried

Nancy Margried, a Chevening Scholar, TEDx speaker, INKTalks Asia speaker, a panelist on APEC 2013 in Bali initiated by Google for Indonesia Innovate Program is an award-winning entrepreneur with an international recognition. She is also a proud member of Asia 21 Young Leader Class 2015 and a winner of Information Society Innovation Fund Award (ISIF Asia) in 2015.

Nancy and her team created Batik Fractal and jBatik Software in 2007 and had established the two products as one of top Indonesia’s creative innovations. Her vision is to transform traditional art with technology and firmly believes that technology will thrive the art and crafts industry and revive the nearly lost tradition into the relevant and sophisticated culture. With social innovation in mind, and are committed to empowering the community through design and technology.

Nancy’s work is recognized internationally through several international awards and the product commercialization to several countries in Asia, Europe, and America. Having a comprehensive knowledge in small business development, Nancy has also advises numerous startup entrepreneurs with various background.