Predictive Analytics – Insights of Trends and Irregularities

Course Information

  • Duration: 5 Day
  • Certification: Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the course
  • Who Should Attend: IT professionals who need to apply predictive analytics for improving business processes and decision making. Data/business analysts who are interested in obtaining knowledge in business analytics to add more value and insights to their recommendations. Domain specialists and anyone planning to undertake business analytics projects. Sales personnel who need to do realistic demand/sales forecasting. Professionals in charge of inventory planning.

Course Objective

  • Identify where predictive analytics can be applied and the benefits which can be derived
  • Evaluate the predictive model’s objectives and data available
  • Design the predictive analytics process
  • Assess and select the appropriate testing methods to validate the predictive models
  • Analyse the results and communicate the decision to senior management and facilitate deployment to support the end users




Module 1 Introduction to Predictive Analytics
Module 2 How to make predictions using multiple regression models
Module 3 Times series modelling and applications
Module 4 Introduction to logistic regression modelling
Module 5 Predictive modelling using decision trees
Module 6 Predictive modelling using neutral networks
Module 7 Practical case studies in workshops conducted in R/excel / SPSS / JMP

Predictive Analytics – Insights of Trends and Irregularities is a customized program and involves rigorous usage of real-time case studies, role playing and group discussion