Strategic Digital Product Owner


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  • Duration: 3 Day / 24 Hours
  • Certification: Participants will receive a Certificate of Competency upon successfully completing the course and passing the examination
  • Who Should Attend: Product Owner, Product Manager, IT Business Analyst, Agile Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, and Agile Leaders, Project and Program Managers, Software Architects, Systems Analysts, Team Leaders, Senior Developers, Business Development, Business Consultant, IT Manager, and Anyone interested in acquiring the advanced knowledge and skills in Strategic Digital Product Owner.

Course Objective

Acquire advanced knowledge and skills on how to develop an Agile product owner mindset to create value for customers

Learn the core components and techniques on to develop product strategies and enhance workplace effectiveness based on Agile and Scrum principles


No pre-requisite. Strategic Digital Product Owner (SPDO) is suitable for anyone who is interested in Strategic Digital Product Owner (SDPO) and does not have any prior technological experience


Participants are required to attempt an examination upon completion of the course. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to Strategic Digital Product Owner based on the syllabus covered

Course Outline

Module 1
Introduction to Agile Product Management

Topics Covered

  • What is Agile Product Management?
  • Understanding the impact of Agile Product Management on Businesses
  • Agile Flow Overview
  • Common Agile Approaches
  • Role of a Digital Product Owner
  • Techniques to Develop a Product Business Model
  • Developing a Product Owner Mindset

Module 2
Value-Driven Development (VDD) Concepts

Topics Covered

  • What is Value-Driven Development (VDD)?
  • Defining and Measure Added Values in a Value-Driven Approach
  • Value-Driven Approach vs. Budget-Driven Approach
  • Determining the Business Value and Effort of Development
  • Developing the User Stories
  • Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI)
Module 3
Deep Dive into The Agile Principles

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the Key Agile Principles
  • Agile Methodology vs. Waterfall Methodology
  • Early and Continuous Delivery of Value
  • Harness Change to Achieve Competitive Advantage
  • Refining and Shorten Timescale
  • Effective Method of Communication
  • Building a Supportive Environment Based on Trust
  • Measurement of Progress
  • Promoting Sustainable Development with Agile Processes
  • Attention to Technical Excellence to Enhance Agility
  • Focusing on Simplicity and Essentials
  • Self-organizing Team and Continuous Improvement
Module 4
Understanding Scrum, Self-Organizing Teams, and Scrum Framework

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Scrum Principles
  • Roles and Responsibilities in a Scrum Team
  • Scrum Master vs. Product Owner
  • Building the Scrum Team
  • Scrum Values: Courage, Commitment, Respect, Focus, Openness
  • Feedback and Visibility-Inspection-Adaptation Cycle
  • Effective Techniques for a Daily Scrum
  • Managing Sprints, Visibility and Value
  • Planning and Management of Scrum Sprint
  • Scrum’s Approach and Framework
Module 5
Product Backlog Management Essentials for Digital Product Owner

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Product Backlog
  • Common Tools used for Effective Product Backlog Management
  • Advantage of Product Backlog
  • How to Create a Product Backlog
  • Prioritizing Your Product Backlog
  • Defining Long Term and Near-Term Jobs
  • Effective Steps to Successful Product Backlog Management

Module 6
Release Management for Digital Product Owner

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Release Management
  • Why is Release Management Essential
  • Understanding the Release Management Process
  • Continuous Development – Agile Approach to Release Management
  • Tools for Release Management


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