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About Rajesh S Dhillon

Rajesh S Dhillon
President at Knowledge Management Society

Rajesh served as a naval officer for 21 years in the Republic of Singapore Navy. His Knowledge Management (KM) journey started early in his career through leading teams and using after action reviews (AARs) as learning tools.

In 2016, he attained his Masters in KM from NTU and has since focused deeper in AARs and Learning Organisations. Rajesh’s specialises in Collaboration & Using Knowledge for Learning, Knowledge Sharing techniques & Adoption Strategies, Training & Facilitation and 360-degree Leadership.  Currently an associate faculty at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, he teaches Information Management to the students of BSc in SCM (School of Business) program.

Rajesh also holds the title of President at the Information and Knowledge Management Society (KMS). Established in Singapore since 2001, KMS is a non-profit society that serves as a thought leader of KM in Singapore. Working with KM practitioners in the society, it has enabled him to merge academic theories with real operational issues at workplaces, this is his main drive for building a learning organisation and supporting lifelong learning.