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Sandra D’Souza

  • Curate Bee Digital

Sandra D’Souza started her professional life as an accountant but she took an unusual journey. Her focus was working in creative industries helping translate financial data into meaningful information for increasing revenue streams. Her experience both in Sydney and London working in advertising, publishing, technology, TV corporations such as MTV Europe, EMI Records (UK), Telstra, Perot Systems and News Corp has cultivated 20 years’ worth of experience. In 2012, she founded Curate Bee Digital, a digital marketing agency that brought technology, strategy and marketing together to deliver a unique suite of digital marketing services.

Sandra lives and breathes all things business and has completed three university degrees including an MBA at Macquarie Graduate School of Management. She is also a member of the Australian Marketing Institute. Late 2015, she became a published author of a book, “Social Media for Baby Boomers: How to translate your decades of knowledge and experience into social influence” which is available in Amazon and leading bookstores.

Aside from this, Sandra is also active in supporting the causes of women. She is formerly a director of BPW International, an international women’s organisation and was one of the Australian leaders for the Commonwealth Business Council for Women. Her company, Curate Bee, has been certified as a women-owned business under the WE CONNECT International. Combining her enthusiasm in helping people with her knowledge, Sandra has dedicated some of her time to bringing in business partners that support women-owned and women-led businesses; founding Her.Network. She is currently working with the publisher of 50 Unsung Business Heroes to bring 50 women together to talk about their funding stories of their businesses and she is working with a FinTech company to bring a peer to peer lending platform just for women entrepreneurs. She is also working with CXCatalysts to launch women owned digital infrastructure and creating a franchise model of Curate Bee targeting single and working