Prof. Sophie Fenton

Prof. Sophie
Prof. Sophie Fenton
Ass. Dean (Urban School) School of Education
RMIT University
Director of D-Line Education
An educator, innovator, founder, researcher and consultant, education pioneer Sophie Fenton specialises in school design, curriculum adaptation and pedagogy innovation. Sophie has recently taken up the role of Ass. Dean (Urban School) School of Education at RMIT University, where she is leading a team of educators to develop a new kind of teaching and learning for a new kind of world. She is also Co-founder and Director of D-Line Education, which supports the creation of innovative schools. After an extensive career in teaching and learning, she went onto co-found and lead an innovative school in Williamstown in 2016. A multi-award winner, Sophie took up a Doctoral position in the Faculty of Education at Monash in 2018, with a focus on human-centred pedagogies.

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