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About Tarun Sukhani

Tarun Sukhani
Founder and CTO at Abundent

Tarun Sukhani is a business and IT professional with more than 20 years of experience working in multinational companies in the US, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Actively involved in Web-scale Software Development across a variety of industries, he has held a number of different senior development and executive positions including that of CIO/CTO, director, and board member. He brings with him a wealth of experience working with people from all levels of the organization and different business functions such as HR, Finance, Operations, Sales, Risk Management, Engineering/Manufacturing, and Accounting. He is experienced in developing and managing large IT operations, and was involved in improving business operations in companies such as Dell, AMD, and Experian, as well as regional conglomerates such as Indra in Asia Pacific. Tarun Sukhani has travelled extensively in Asia Pacific, lending his expertise to dozens of SMEs as well, covering everything from project management to driver-based budgeting.

He has conducted training as well as facilitated training workshops in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and various other Asia Pacific countries, focusing in areas of project management, consulting, leadership and strategic management, security, teamwork and other soft skills in addition to Enterprise Computing/Programming, Software Architecture, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning. He is highly energetic and has a strong passion for developing people