Terms of Reference (TOR)

Terms of Reference (TOR) for International Advisory Committee (IAC)

Based in Singapore, CASUGOL is an international certification body offering a wide range of professional training and certification programs designed for all industries and verticals.

 CASUGOL strives to be a contemporary international neighbourhood where individuals gather to learn, be inspired, share ideas, knowledge, and resources to acquire all that necessary to pursue and advance in a career of their passion. Training and certification programs are also being offered in 38 Countries through our global Certified Training Partner (CTP) network.

 Empowering people to be their best by making education, knowledge, and resources accessible has always been our commitment. With programs that cover a diverse range of interests, participants can certainly learn update their knowledge, gain new skills, or unleash their creativity.

 To ensure that our curriculum is continually kept relevant to the working environment, we work closely with international representatives from the industry and academic space. We are confident that the synergy established with the IAC will help us achieve the objective of making educatio, knowledge, and resources accessible to everyone around the world.

 We are keen invite you to be part of our IAC and the following is the brief on our IAC program: –

Objectives of the IAC 

  • To enable members of Casugol International Community of Learners (CICL) to benefit from the expertise of the industry practitioners and academicians from other universities.
  • To enable knowledge transfer of the latest professional changes and current trends of the industry and to implement them in our curriculum to produce certified and competent professionals that meet the industry’s needs.
  • To promote CASUGOL locally and enhance the reputation and credibility of the CASUGOL in their location.
  • To reinforce and formalize the links between Casugol, Education Institutes and Businesses.
  • To work with leaders of the industry to improve the quality of education.

Role of the IAC 

To ensure the smooth functioning of the IAC, the committee members shall assist in the following: – 

  • To advise Casugol on the future trend in technology and the direction Casugol should Adopt
  • To provide feedback on the relevance and suitability of the training provided by Casugol.
  • To recommend equipment and facilities required in line with the industry trends.
  • To provide opportunity of internship and employment for Casugol participants and members of Casugol International Community of Learners (CICL).
  • To establish link-up between Casugol and companies, universities, and education institutes  
  • To provide feedback on the quality and relevance of the curriculum in line with the industry requirements, thus enhancing further the quality of the programme.
  • To participate in conferences/ lectures/ seminars organized by Casugol from time to time. 

Benefits of IAC Members

 IAC members will have opportunity to gain the following benefits: – 

  • The Inputs provided to Casugol through the IAC on the curriculum and quality of the programme will enable highly qualified and skilled professionals to be produced to the marketplace. This will be essential for industry to operate and compete effectively in the knowledge economy.
  • To continue being successful in marketplace today, companies must be able to acquire feedback from youth. The collaboration Casugol will be an effective way to carry out such development work which will provide inputs to the industry to help develop new or significantly improved products, services, and new strategies to remain successful.
  • Through the industry-academia collaboration, the IAC members will have the opportunity to gain access to valuable, untapped, innovative ideas, to produce research discoveries that can be commercialized. This will be fundamental for the companies to remain competitive and for overall economic performance. 

Meetings of IAC

The IAC members shall meet once every year.

Membership Terms

The membership term of IAC is without expiry.