Professor Dr. Vinitha Guptan ACMA, CGMA, FCMI

Prof. Vinitha
Prof. Dr. Vinitha Guptan ACMA, CGMA, FCMI
Prof. Dr. Vinitha Guptan ACMA, CGMA, FCMI
Deputy Vice Chancellor
A visionary and strategic senior level academic leader with a natural propensity for high performance who is currently Deputy Vice Chancellor, Saito University College. She was previously the Dean of Taylors Business School for 13 years. Expertly drives strategic aims across quality, sustainability, competitive advantage, revenue, research and enrolment. As a Chartered Accountant who is also academically qualified with a Doctorate and coupled with industry experience, her views are both forward thinking and unconventional. As a transpersonal leader, she is authentic, ethical and has a high degree of emotional intelligence which is embedded in her leadership and this has delivered significant positive impact. Her years of immersion in service-learning and community engagement focusing on diversity and inclusion mainly in South-East Asia has given her an innate ability to engage with all key stakeholders. She has produced various impact reports for social enterprises and industry partners throughout the region and is currently working on projects in Myanmar and West Africa.

Her career to date features various corporate engagements, research grants, awards and publications which reflect her professional credibility. She empowers and develops people through coaching, mentoring and feedback as well as capitalizes on individual and team diversity. While being committed to quality and takes a continuous improvement approach to all aspects of work, she excels at building productive partnerships and strategic alliances. She effectively draws upon a vast skill-set to deliver, achieve and maintain the highest standards of work ethics, whilst supporting stakeholders and driving utmost performance.

She was also Director of Professional Education, and focused on broadening the unit’s global visibility in support of organisational strategic aims and objectives. Remit included close collaboration work with the faculty to create new high-quality management education programmes, development of enhanced educational opportunities for the workforce, and advancement/dissemination of impactful and sustainable knowledge. She is a highly skilled and an active researcher, with particular interest in service-learning, leadership, and corporate social responsibility with a focus on governance, diversity and inclusion. She is respected in the field of specialism and has travelled sharing her knowledge as a speaker and presenter. Committed to continual learning and self-evaluation, she has received numerous awards for her community engagement and service leadership work in the region. She is also a recipient of the Women Leadership Achievement Award and Humanitarian Awards.

Some of the more notable engagements are at the UN–EBAC (Education), EBAC & UNESCAP Business, Trade & Industry Association Singapore (TIAS), UMFCCI, Yangon, Intellectual Discourses – India, Malaysia, Korea and holds adjunct and visiting roles both on locally and abroad.

She now a Fellow of CMI, UK and also serves as a Regional Board Member of the Chartered Management Institute, Malaysia (CMI, UK) and is also a member of various professional bodies. She is Senior Member of the International Economics Development Research Center(IEDRC) and technical advisor for AKPK AFBES 2019 and Advisor to the Counselling and Credit Management Agency, Malaysia She contributes professionally as a member of the board of advisors and sits on various committees in the Australia New Zealand Institute (ANZI), Singapore Institute of Supply Chain Management and Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance. She serves as an external examiner and validator for various universities in the UK, India and Australia. Currently, she is a Visiting Professor at the Myanmar Human Resource Institute.