Data Science With Big Data: Twitter, Facebook & Social Media

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  • Duration: 4-Days / 32 Hours
  • Certification: Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the course
  • Who Should Attend: Data Analyst, CIO, Information System Professionals, IT Managers, Project Managers, Business Unit Leaders, CEOs, IT Professionals, IT Engineers, Security Analysts, Cyber Security Engineers, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Business Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, and anyone seeking to acquire essential knowledge on Data Science with Big Data: Twitter, Facebook, and Social Media.

Course Objective

Acquire advanced knowledge and technical know-how on how to use Data Science with Big Data to analyze Social Media networks’ data to make better business decisions.

Learn how to use Python Programming to perform Data Analysis, Text Analysis, Chart-Data, and unstructured data


No pre-requisite. Data Science With Big Data: Twitter, Facebook & Social Media is suitable for everyone


No Examination Required