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“The duty of helping one’s self in the highest sense involves helping of one’s neighbours”
Samuel Smiles

Based in Singapore, CASUGOL is an International Certification Provider offering a wide range of professional Certification Programs, and Executive Workshops in Digital Transformation, and Emerging Technologies, designed for all industries and verticals.

CASUGOL programs developing participants with the practical skills and knowledge in their chosen area of professional, personal or academic interest. Programs are constantly reviewed by leading educators and industry experts to ensure that they remain current, relevant and high quality based on the latest industry trend and best practices.

In advancing academic learning, CASUGOL collaborates with leading universities and industry bodies to offer tertiary certifications, diplomas, and degree that uniquely bridges the gap between academia and industry. Equipped with a breadth and depth of knowledge, CASUGOL students are flexible, adaptable and ready for any future.

At CASUGOL, we strive to be a contemporary international neighbourhood where individuals from all walks of life gather to learn, be inspired, share ideas, knowledge, and resources necessary to pursue and advance in a career of their passion. Through our Certified Training Partner (CTP) network, our programs are being offered in 38 Countries.

Empowering people to be their best by making Education, Knowledge, and Resources accessible by everyone has always been our commitment. Today we have welcomed an international list professionals, students, delegates, advisory committee members, and contributors of diverse backgrounds, coming together in the spirit of knowledge sharing.

  • Singapore | Centennial Tower 3 Temasek Avenue #34-00 Singapore 039190
  • Thailand | ZEN @ ZEN World Tower Level 12, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
  • Vietnam | 5th floor, Hanoi Press Club, 59A Ly Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

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