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CASUGOL, an international certification body based in Singapore. Established in 2016, CASUGOL offers a wide-range of certification programs and executive workshops tailored for all industries and verticals.

Designed by industry experts, leading academics, and subject-matter experts, CASUGOL programs are based on the latest industry trends and best practices, aimed to develop the skills and knowledge of individuals in their area of professional, personal or academic interest.

CASUGOL strives to be a contemporary neighborhood where individuals are being provided with equal opportunity to learn, be inspired, share ideas, knowledge, and resources. Through a global Certified Training Partner (CTP) network, CASUGOL has established an international presence spanning 38 countries, contributing to the enhancement of education and empowerment of individuals.

Learners Passed Through Our Education System
(Last updated on 01 January 2022)

卡思科技(CASUGOL),一家位于新加坡的国际认证机构。 成立于 2016 年,卡思科技为所有行业和垂直领域提供广泛的认证与高管培训课程。


卡思科技旨在成为一个国际学习社区,为每个人提供平等的学习、启发、分享想法、知识和资源的机会。通过全球认证培训合作伙伴 (CTP) 网络,卡思科技建立起了国际影响力,为国际教育体系做出贡献。

Flexible program design for all individuals

Learn from internationally renowned leading industry experts, academics, and researchers

Support for participants during and after training

Be recognized as a CASUGOL Certified Professional

Enhance competency of workforce and improve individual career prospect

Learn in a highly interactive, supportive and encouraging environment

Regular invitation to attend courses / workshops / seminars / events at complimentary rate


  • Certification Programs
    Continue your education with us and gain the skills and knowledge in emerging technologies to advance your career by becoming a CASUGOL Certified Professional or earn a degree offered in collaboration with leading universities.

  • Executive Workshop
    CASUGOL Executive Workshop are wide ranging, providing the latest and most insightful information for businesses and professionals worldwide. Workshops are connected to the real world limitations, challenges and opportunities faced.

  • Course Customization
    We understand that every organization is unique. Share with us your requirements. Leverage on our team of industry experts to design courses and training programs tailored to your specific needs.



CASUGOL prides itself in fostering a culture of integrity committed to serving businesses, and communities around the world.


To stay at the forefront of technology, CASUGOL continuously innovate, explore and experiment with new digital strategies

Social Commitment

CASUGOL is committed to making education, knowledge and resources accessible to everyone regardless of race, gender, ethnics, and religion


At CASUGOL, we believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved by investing in people, empowering them with knowledge and technology skills based on the latest industry trend and demand

Strategic Partnership

CASUGOL partners with industry leaders, subject matter experts and leading academics around the world, building an ecosystem capable of tackling corporate challenges with immense complexity, and helping businesses identify opportunities.


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