CASUGOL Digital Ready Mark

Digital Ready Mark

Earn a CASUGOL Digital Ready Mark for your commitment to sustainable digital transformation, enhancing workplace efficiency and customer experience.

About Digital Ready Mark

Launched to encourage businesses to continuously innovate and leverage on technologies to enhance workplace efficiency and customer experience. Organizations accredited with CASUGOL DIGITAL READY MARK are committed to ensuring the sustainability of Digital Transformation initiatives, exemplifying leadership in the digital transformation of 5 core business areas.

Core Business Areas

Digital Business Strategies

Business Processes

Marketing and Branding

Skills and Competencies

Customer Experience


  • Use of CASUGOL DIGITAL READY MARK on corporate and marketing collateral

  • Network with likeminded business leaders / organizations from around the world

  • FREE attendance of all CASUGOL Short Courses and selected workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars for staff

  • Receive mentoring from industry leaders and subject-matter experts

  • Receive discounts on courses, workshops and certification programs

  • Keep yourself updated on the latest industry trends and best practices

  • Be recognized internationally by customers and potential employees as a Digital Ready organization

How to Apply

Digital Ready Mark

  • Sign a Declaration of Commitment to Sustainable Digital Transformation

Digital Ready Mark Gold

  • Sign a Declaration of Commitment to Sustainable Digital Transformation
  • Complete a questionnaire assessing the digital transformation initiatives and digital enhancement of the 5 core business areas
  • Companies can apply directly for CASUGOL Digital Read Mark (Gold) without applying for CASUGOL Digital Ready Mark

CASUGOL Digital Ready Mark GOLD Receipents

Taylor’s University
Siam Compressor Industry
TNI King Coffee

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