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CASUGOL offers you the most amazing classroom in the world. Our courses offer you an opportunity to create a positive impact by providing individuals with a platform to receive career advice from leading industry professionals, acquire knowledge, skills and resources to pursue a career of their passion.

As a Certified Training Partner (CTP), your organization will become part of a carefully selected exclusive group of training organizations dedicated to empowering individuals everywhere to pursue a career of their dreams

If your organization sees the value in becoming a Certified Training Partner, send us an email:

Benefits of Becoming an Certified Training Partner (CTP)

  • Rights to offer CASUGOL Certification Programs / Executive Workshops
  • Gain access to the latest and most current syllabus / programs
  • Use of the Certified Training partner (CTP) organisational mark for promotional purposes
  • Promotion of Training Partner organisation on CASUGOL website
  • Promotion of Training Partner organisation on CASUGOL social media / digital marketing platforms
  • Access to classrooms / meeting rooms in over 3,000 locations worldwide in 120 countries
  • Support from CASUGOL Account Managers

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