Certification Programs

Continue your education with us and gain the skills and knowledge in emerging technologies to advance your career by becoming a CASUGOL Certified Professional.

Our Certification Programs are designed by subject matter experts and leading industry professionals in their field focused on developing your skills in the respective technologies allowing you to thrive in the fast-changing and innovative workforce. Programs are also designed for a diverse range of interests for all stages of life, allowing you to learn new skills, gain new insights or uncover your creativity.


To survive and thrive in this digital era, it is paramount that business leaders take effective measures to get digital transformation right. Business leaders needs the support and to collaborate with all levels in their organization and tailored a digital transformation framework which serves as a guide. A digital transformation framework will also help business leaders steer the organization towards achieving the digital transformation objective.


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is revolutionizing the world by allowing computers to learn as they progress forward with large data sets, overcoming all programming pitfalls and impasses. Machine Learning builds algorithms, which when exposed to high volumes of data, can self-teach and evolve.


Organisations are beginning to embrace data analytics, with IT and the business partnering to derive maximum value from their data. By 2020, data will digitalize 80% of business processes and products. Operation processes will become digitalized through machine learning.


Internet of Things (IoT) certification courses are aimed to provide participants with the advanced knowledge on Internet of Things (IoT) Technology and Application. Through real-time demonstration on scenario based hands-on exercises, Participants can experience first-hand how Internet of Things (IOT) can be applied in real life.


Our Cyber Security certification programs are aimed to provide participants with fundamental to advanced level knowledge in Cyber Security and Network Security. Through real-time demonstration on scenario based hands-on exercises, Participants can experience first-hand different types of attacks. Advanced concepts on networking and security will also be covered allowing participants to gain in-depth knowledge on Cyber Security. Participants can also learn how to implementing counter response and preventive measures on Cyber Hacking


For organizations to remain competitive in the digital economy, it is necessary for companies to be proficient in software development. By gaining proficiency, organizations will gain the advantage of speed, quality and efficiency of software release. This can only be attained with a strong and fluent software development team with the ability to write code that meets rapidly-changing software needs with speed and scale. Software programming / development is now the language of all business