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Cyber Security is fast becoming the priority of all businesses as inter-connectivity increases. This is a race against time as hackers get more sophisticated by the day, and remain anonymous. With cases of cyber security breaches emerging on a daily basis, many organizations remain extremely vulnerable due to a lack in proper solutions and preventive measures in place. The lack of awareness on Cyber Security is also pressing issue business owners or senior executives need to address promptly.
HR Analytics is quickly becoming a vital part of effective HR strategies. By utilizing analytics to look into patterns in all available data, HR professionals will be able to discover important connections that will allow them to become more effective at hiring and retaining the right talent. Such data will also help talent learn and grow within the organisation.
Behavioural Analytics provide businesses with the ability to predict someone’s personality and behavioural traits. This provides opportunities for organisations to target their advertising and enable businesses / organisations to segment customers according to their personality type. Recent studies found that personalization has allowed businesses to achieve higher conversion average and stronger lead acceptance rate. By leveraging on extensive data collected at every stage of the consumer journey, Businesses can even find out what really drives consumers into making a purchase.
Data Analytics is transforming the supply chain and logistics industry. This is fast becoming a disruptive trend due to the growing number of companies looking for ways to integrate big data and advanced analytics into their business processes to help streamline operations.