Leadership / Management Essentials (LME)

Leader inspires and enable businesses and teams to create and realise their potential and excel. Having said that, many companies are facing a leadership crisis. According to 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, close to one-third of employees distrusting their management. Businesses are also faced with a pressing need to cater to the need of the millennial generation that generally does not feel empowered on their current jobs.

Leadership / Management Essentials (LME) is a course designed to for middle managers, senior managers, and anyone who aspire to further their knowledge and develop their approach to leadership and shape their business management skills. Leadership / Management Essentials (LME) will provide all participants with in-depth knowledge on leadership theories, styles, and how to leverage on data to enhance their leadership competency to lead a team and business to success


Customization of Programs for specific industry, organisation, government agencies, statutory boards.

Flexible programmes designed to cater to the individual needs of participants, whether for professional upskilling, or for general interest.

Benefit from contribution from leading Industry Experts, Academics, and Researchers from across the world.

Opportunities for employers to develop their workforce and for individuals to enhance their career.

Dynamic learning environment that providing participants with professional networking opportunity.

Online support for participants after the training.

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