Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella

Prof. Giuseppe
Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella
Professor of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Author / Digital Transformation Consultant
Atlantis University
Prof Mascarella is a sought after AI conference speaker. He teaches AI at Atlantic University MBA in Miami. As a former Microsoft Group Manager he designed and launched the WW Technology Strategy Consulting group with his vision and leadership he grew the group to over 500 people within one first fiscal year. After 16 years at Microsoft, in 2006 Giuseppe leaves Microsoft to become President and CEO of VioVi juice, managing a turn-around of juice processing company in the middle of chapter 11. I n 3 years he was able to reach $9M revenue WW. Mascarella holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Palermo and has been involved in few research projects at MIT. Mascarella is a certified Data Scientist Professional, MPP.