Open for Enrollment! Advanced Internet of Things Professional (AIOTP) International Certification

Advanced Internet of Things Professional (AIOTP) International Certification

• 4-Day International Certification Program
• Designed for ANYONE who is interested in learning all the knowledge and skills required to implement / manage an Internet of Things (IOT) environment in any business / organisation.
• Real-time demonstration / case studies sharing
• Interactive practical sessions / Intensive Hands-On
• Conducted in a supportive and encouraging environment
• Develop the core competency on how Internet of Things (IOT) is disrupting Businesses allowing organizations in any industry GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
• HRDF Claimable subject to terms and conditions of PSMB / HRDF


* To acquire the knowledge and develop a robust set of Internet of Things (IOT) skills required for designing and implementation. 


* 4 Days 


* Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Competency in Advanced Internet of Things (IOT) upon meeting the requirements of the course and passing the examination. 

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